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This listing includes the cost of low top canvas Converse in your size, of the standard canvas variety. (Some colors may cost $5-10 more – if you would like that option we can arrange that small additional fee if those colors are what you would like. ) This listing includes stitching on the low top

Expedient and clear communication TO AND FROM the customer are critical for the kind of custom work done at TweetNStitchy. If we make an attempt to communicate with you about your order and do not receive an expedient reply to questions, clarification on design, color choices, sizes, or any other necessary detail, we will allow a reasonable amount of time for you to respond (a minimum of 3 days, but no longer than 1 week). Beyond that time frame, we reserve the right to cancel your order and provide either a full or a partial refund. If we have purchased shoes for you, we will mail the unstitched shoes to you, at cost to you both for the shoes and the shipping. If you have purchased shoes and had them sent to us – we will return the shoes to you, unstitched, at cost to you. Any remaining monies beyond shipping & the cost of shoes (if applicable) will be returned to you. Our chief concern is that you have shoes to wear on your special day, regardless of whether they are stitched or not.

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